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    Hi Felix,

    Where are you based?

    Any Dr who may be able to provide you a prescription for topical finasteride would suffice.
    Then it is a matter of contacting a recommended pharmacy to be able order the product.

    Just reach out if you need some help.

    International Patient Advisor - Bisanga Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece
    Online Consultation - https://bchairtransplant.com/online-consultation/
    bc2@bchairtransplant.com Whatsapp +34 642 37 03 83

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    Last week I had a hair transplant (1800 grafts) performed by Dr. Thomas Mantse. As I already wrote, I was also considering Dr.Sikos, but in the end I chose Dr. Mantse from the following reasons: In June I visited Dr.Mantse's clinic in Budapest and he recommended me transplanting 3 000 grafts and he said that he is performing a hair transplant by himself (extraction and planting), doing max 1000 grafts per day.

    With Dr.Sikos clinic I had a skype session. The plan was talking with Dr.Sikos, but unfortunately first time the clinic postponed our session to next week and second time the skype session was done only by assistant that was showing presentation about hair transplant. I told her that we can skip presentation and we can rather discuss. Most important information that discouraged me was that Dr.SIkos does not perform the whole transplant (I assume that Dr. should do better job than assistants) and crucial info that 3000 grafts would be done only in 1 day. Therefore, I chose Dr.Mantse.

    I was not sure whether I would undergo one big hair transplant or I would rather divide transplant into two smaller sessions. Eventually, I have decided for 1800 grafts for the first hair transplant and when the result will be good I would undergo the second one next year.

    Now the main part. The hair transplant was done on Thursday and Friday last week. The whole process was already described by Offalsocks in his comment. I can relate to most of it. But I haven't noticed whether tools were rusted or not (I hope not). On the other hand, I have remembered from Offalsocks comment that agony started when the numbing injections were injected. I wouldn't say it. Sure, nothing pleasant, but I can imagine more intense pain like drilling teeth at dentist... Maybe what I felt more uncomfortable was constant pressure on the head and nose on the pillow during harvesting which is normal I think. Harvesting took until apprx. 11 a.m then I had lunch.

    Then we began second part - planting. Lying on the back was more comfortable and I could have watched TV, but I would say that pain was more intense. Doctor said that it is pain going from the back and gave me another painkiller. I felt some pain during the whole time, but it was tolerable. The first day I received 1000 grafts to the hair line and front and planting took until apprx. 5 p.m.

    My hair transplant didn't go smoothly because I was excessively bleeding and doctor was nervous about it and I was afraid that it might impact the hair transplant... Doctor assured me that it will not have impact hair transplant just more work for him.

    Second day we continued with another 800 grafts going from hairline to top. This day went smoothlier, faster, less pain and according to doctor little less bleeding. I was finished around 2 p.m. and the same day I went home.

    Third day I was still exhausted and slept most of the day. Bleeding from donor area stopped. I had some work because I noticed that I didn't took out all the bandages from donor area and it began to be very glued.

    Sleeping during first 4 nights were not very comfortable because donor was still sensitive and I needed to sleep on my back. Based on recommendation of doctor, I bought a traveling pillow in U type and placed it under my casual pillow to be softened a bit and still blocks turning the head during sleep.

    To be honest, I was little bit surprised that fue was so exhausting especially first day. Maybe because of bleeding... Having 2 or 3 thousand of grafts in one day would be unimaginable...

    After a week my donor feels much better and I really like a new hairline, but what bothers me a lot, today I have noticed bald maps around the transplanted area. It looks like some places were omitted. Doctor says that Fu have fallen out with their scabs and that it is normal, but some of them I can find also on the earlier photos several days ago...

    I will update about my progress in several months and also I would like to hear from Offalsocks and others how it ended.

    Anyways, I hope that the result will be good and I will visit dr. Mantse for the second hair transplant next year again.

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    I am not possible to edit my previous comment at the moment and I would like to add/adjust some statements that I haven't formulated properly:

    Doctor is not performing hair transplant alone, he has an assistant (his wife), who is helping with extraction of the grafts.

    By statement I haven't noticed whether tools were rusted , I was just reacting to Offalsocks , but they were not for sure.

    After second day I got gauze instead of bandage (bad wording).

    About my last part that some places seem to be omitted, on the previous photo several days after hair transplant it looked like small spots were omitted, but grafts were still wounding and I can be wrong. This will be clear after several months.

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    I have contacted webmaster of the site 2 times to delete my old posts so I can adjust it into the one. But without answer...

    Just to update my previous posts. The ommited places were there because I still had hair in those places... I haven't realized that.

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    How is your HT coming along

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    Hi mika,

    nothing special to note yet. It has been just 3 months from HT so still waiting... hopefully it will be visible in the next months.

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