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    Default Has anyone ever heard of Xtrands?

    Just curious as to personal experiences with this product and price. Thanks!


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    Hey Kansas, it looks like a good option but like all hair thickening products, it needs looking into for maintenance and tolerance considerations.

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    Wonder if anyone has tried these?

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    hey friend I am also curious about the Xtrands, what is that actually ? I would like to know more about it...

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    Xtrands is the latest and greatest non-invasive volumising solution to maximise thickness and fullness, using your own existing hair. Add multiple strands to each of your own hairs creating more volume and intensity. No pesky glues, adhesives, clips or links are used. Xtrands can help you achieve natural results and instant volume, in addition to hassle-free maintenance. Using this technique you will get immediate, natural and lasting results. It is not permanent and will have to be reapplied relatively frequently in order to maintain the same volume and thickness.

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    Obviously you are promoting the company, but I have a couple questions:
    1) how much does it cost
    2) HOW do you attach the hairs and is it detrimental to the hair follicle to continually be doing this? Also, how is it attached, as to ensure that it won't fall off?
    3) WHERE is it attached, at the very base of the hair shaft I assume, and if so then,
    4) won't it be detectable after your hair grows the slightest? To see one hair sprouting from scalp and then another hair or two branching off of it?
    5) Are you attaching REAL hair?


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