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    Hey guys, Im planning on purchasing this weekend, but does anyone know if they have had trouble receiving their OC shipment from Kane recently. I tried to email him regarding a couple questions but cannot get a reply back

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    It took a while for mine to ship out but it finally did today

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    Default Mixing

    So guys, which OC should I buy from Kane shop? And what should I be mixing it with? And how much should I be using on a day-by-day basis?

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    Thanks for the update tubzy. If you would ease let me know whe you qctually recive it that would be awesome. Since i cannot reach them via email im hesitant to order...

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    What is OC?

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    Default Be Smart

    Quote Originally Posted by sdsurfin View Post
    Here is a post by someone on another forum. I have researched and double-researched the science on this, and we need to make OC the new standard in experimental treatments. This means either getting Kane to switch over price wise, or finding a new supplier. Any help would be appreciated. I have looked into RU, am using it myself, and can say the following- it absolutely affects your testes and prostate, and from what I've looked into , has a high chance of changing your androgen receptors and actually damaging your hair in the long run. OC and BIM are much better options, and we are being screwed because of the price. let's fix this. Stop ordering RU and let's maintain with something that has proven safety.

    "Use OC ethanol. SAME thing happened to me with the old version, but I attribute it to the use of DMSO which is an irritant like many say.
    Avoid DMSO.

    I dissolve the new OC (ethanol) in guess what..ethanol. I add a small drop of DIM (search it).

    It killed shedding.
    I started with 2% version, but 1% works ok too. You know it is working when the itching decreased and after the shedding decrease. It also reduces oil on the face (nice side effect).

    No other side effects other than maybe insomnia if you take late in evening.

    How many times do I have to say: I stopped losing hair, period. My hair is exactly the same as 1 year ago, and maybe a bit thicker on the crown but not in a way that would be very obvious on camera.

    Any other treatments? Yes I was on RU for 3 years, dropped it after 6 months from starting OC since OC did the job. I have been on minox for 10 years. I use it now and then.

    OC does not cause itching, it is DMSO. You don t have to use everyday, I went for a trip and stopped taking it for 3 weeks, only slight increase in shed.

    OC= no more hair loss, period. And I got it from Kane, and if you think I am advertising for Kane then please don't ask anymore questions (I Have other threads on OC so you can find your answers there). I am tired of having to explain to people how good it is and only return a month later to find that no one has tried it. WTF?!

    You would be better off with one application of OC a week rather than nothing...so OC can be cheap. "
    Don't use RU. It is unsafe and does not work, unfortunately.

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    It's funny, there were many people here a couple of years ago saying RU was completely safe and it has no side effects as it would neutralize if it ever hit the blood stream.

    Now, people are saying it's unsafe and can have very serious side effects.

    All I can tell people is don't use any chemicals; Finasteride, Dut, RU, or whatever it may be. It's just not worth it. Don't play with your body's balance. We don't understand the pathway of balding yet, and attacking and cutting off completely DHT or other products of the body is completely idiotic and dangerous. It's like removing your teeth because you want to get rid of plaque. More importantly, if you mess up your hormonal balance, there is no known medical way to reverse it, so you'll be s*** out of luck.

    The success of these chemicals is not even well documented. There is no chemical that will magically reverse a NW6-7 to a NW0. At most you'll get is slow down or, if you're very lucky, half a norwood. The possible negative consequences outweight that by a very very very large multitude.

    If you want, save your money for a high quality FUE. That's about the only risk you should consider for your hair.

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    So what happened with OC "sdsurfing"? Still having success?
    Anybody else using it?

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    I still use RU and happy with it - maybe i am lucky but no side effect - i have no experience with Kane so i cannot help u there

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