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    film How To Meet A Hair Loss Celebrity

    Spencer Kobren speaks with IAHRS accepted member Alan J. Bauman., M.D. about his unique visit, and consultation with the infamous Joe from Staten Island. Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman also field calls from sufferers from []

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    Well done Spencer really enjoyed listening to this show. Good variation on the calls and Joe Tillman is doing a great job. I vote for Joe from Staten Island to have a live transplant with Alan Bauman that would make for some good radio.
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    Another great show. Jotronic seems to fit in well and Dr. B is always good, but I could do without Joe from SI. That caller Brain from LA is great, he should take Joe from SI’s place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PayDay View Post
    Another great show. Jotronic seems to fit in well and Dr. B is always good, but I could do without Joe from SI. That caller Brain from LA is great, he should take Joe from SIs place.
    Excellent show! I agree that since Joe from SI has not been on the show on a regular basis, Ive really been enjoying the new energy. It was fine that he was on this show because it made sense, but I enjoy all the different calls and listening to how people are coping. Spencers advice and the way he talks is just so real. You know hes a brilliant guy based on how he speaks and all, but he comes across as the everyman. Hes the expert, but he makes, at least me feel like he talking right to me, not at me in that condescending Dr. Phil way. I look forward to the show every week and I agree Joe Tilllman has been a nice addition. I like when he talks about forum topics and puts some of the crazy into perspective. I think they should do more of that, but Im biased since I read this forum every day.

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    Dear Spencer, im very new to your show and have start going through your archives and find them very interesting and appreciate your efforts with the shows

    please can you clear something up for me on this show. After you have finished with Joe from staten islands a caller calls in where you discuss his previous gastronomical problems. Iv tried listening a couple of times but don't follow. Basically i was hoping for some clarification on his stomach issues. Did he have this because of propecia and am i right in thinking it stopped because he reduced the dose to once every three days? or was it a case that he later realised it wasn't the propecia that was causing it???

    I really hope you manage to clarify this and thanks in advance
    Sorry i just get confused everytime i hear it so thought id write in and ask

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