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    Well, my journey has been an interesting one to say the least. I am 33 and started noticing some balding in my early twenties. It bugged me then, but didn't really get noticeable until I was about 26-27. After going through a divorce at 29-30, I decided to get a HT with a very reputable surgeon in Texas. He did a great job and my results were astounding to me. I was so happy. Then after about a year after the procedure I started to notice hair shedding and figured it might be the daily minoxidil or finasteride I was taking. I kept on both regimens just to be safe, but the hair loss continued. I finally went to a dermatologist a little under a year ago and they said I had telegen effluvium (excessive hair shedding) which usually reverses naturally.

    So I tried to hold out, but the hair loss kept occurring each morning and my sink seems to be laden with hair. It was devastating so I went back and they did a biopsy, which came back showing the beginning stages of lichen planopolaris (scarring alopecia). My heart sunk.

    Since then I have changed my diet drastically and been doing all I can do stop the disease. I believe I am finally getting relief of the symptoms but my hair is much thinner than I would like. I really want to get regrowth and eventually get another HT with the same doctor.

    I am still single and most of the reason is because of my hair loss. I just hate how I feel and I am so afraid that my daily regimine to make my hair look presentable will be a huge turnoff to whoever I eventually end up with. I have so many things going for me (in great shape, great career, great friends, and am a pretty darn good guy overall) but this darn hair loss thing has just been tough.

    Part of me just wishes I would have shaved my head years ago (but I hated how I looked completely shaven)...but now I have a scar and that option isn't really all that possible. So that worries me too.

    I guess I am just writing to get my thoughts out, since it is really bothering me again today, and I just would like advice support from others. It's hard to share this struggle with too many friends because it seems so shallow and I feel stupid for struggling so badly with this. I have confided in a few during some really dark days after learning of the disease...but besides that, this has been a daily struggle. I HATE having to take showers in the morning now...and having to take 30 minutes just to get my hair right and then having to use so much hair spray to keep it in place all day. I just feel like a fake and am sick of it.

    THanks for listening and appreciate any feedback/comments.

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