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    Eagles should focus on Patrick Robinson, linebackers in free agency

    Philadelphia Eagles Here are the moves the Philadelphia Eagles should consider when free agency opens at 4 p. m. ET on Wednesday, March 14: Re-sign Patrick Robinson: Cornerback might not be a pressing need with Jalen Mills, donnel pumphrey jersey Ronald Darby and Sidney Jones all in the fold, but Robinson played a specific role as the team's slot corner and played it well. He paced the Eagles with four picks and 22 passes defensed in the regular season and came up with one of the biggest plays of their Super Bowl run, ronald darby jersey returning an interception for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. Robinson proved to be a free-agent steal last offseason, herman edwards jersey signing a one-year contract with the Eagles for under $1 million. He'll command more this time around but should have a reasonable enough asking price to keep the Eagles in pursuit.

    nfl jerseysFigure out the linebacker situation: Nigel Bradham is a pending free agent. While he proved a valuable piece of the Eagles' defense the past two seasons, it's possible that his market value exceeds what the team is willing to pony up for him. Meanwhile, brandon graham jersey Mychal Kendricks has been the subject of trade speculation for years and asked out prior to the start of last season, and middle linebacker Jordan Hicks is coming off an Achilles rupture. Between free agency and the draft, they need to shore up this position. Bills free agent Preston Brown was coached by defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz in Buffalo his rookie year and has topped 100 tackles in each of his four seasons in the pros. seth joyner jersey He could be an attractive option, price allowing.

    wendell smallwood jerseyFind a replacement for Trey Burton: As the thrower of the "Philly Special, " the tight end will always hold a dear place in Philadelphia sports history, stefen wisniewski jersey but he appears to have a good number of suitors and will probably be moving on this offseason. Burton played only about 27 percent of the offensive snaps in 2017 but made an impact when he was on the field, catching 23 balls for 248 yards with five touchdowns. The Eagles also have to figure out what to do with veteran Brent Celek, isaac seumalo jersey who is scheduled to cost $5 million against the cap. If they release him, it heightens the urgency to find a tight end or two to add alongside Zach Ertz. Jimmy Graham, chance warmack jersey Tyler Eifert and Martellus Bennett -- brother of recently acquired defensive end Michael Bennett -- are among the top available tight ends.

    jalen mills jerseyAdd a low-cost running back: The Eagles are in decent shape at running back with Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement, but they will need to add to the room between free agency and the draft. donnie jones jersey Veterans LeGarrette Blount and Darren Sproles are pending free agents. Will the Eagles bring either back? It likely depends on cost. Both were good for the locker room and have skill sets that Doug Pederson's offense could certainly use. But the Eagles are about $9 million over the cap and have to be judicious with their spending. It will have to be at the right price zach ertz jersey. .

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    Default Creatine and Hair loss

    Hey Guys, just wanted to weigh in on creatine. I took creatine for years as an athlete, focused on powerlifting. I was Norwood 3 when I started, I'm still 3. As I went into medicine and studied creatine, I was able to correlate the hype vs results. True, creatine helps improve your muscles ability to convert ADP to energy. I disagree that it will only " ad a rep to a set". Thats completely false. The US Olympic team in 1996 were ALL taking creatine, at least the kayakers were. I didnt notice any increase in hair loss, even when I bought the sublingual high concentration/ high bioavailability versions. I had to weigh the risks vs. the potential side effects. For me it was a minimal risk. The control group for the so called study " confirming" its harmful effects on MAA are spotty at best. Why? The study had a tiny control group, based on heavy anecdotal evidence, and I cant find any real peer review. Practitioners hate anecdotal evidence for good reason. But best of luck. I hope you achieve your goals, both hair and in the weight room. I was happy with the goals I met, 495 flat bench, 600 deadlift, 700 squat as a heavyweight. I was on supplements, yes. That did include creatine. The main thing I noticed was dehydration and some kidney damage, but it was hard to put that on creatine because I was on other products. However, as a medical professional, I have seen zero data that even mildly meets the terms of a scientific conclusion regarding creatine and increased hair loss. I like placebo introduced, double blind, peer reviewed controls in studies. I also like reputable sources for those studies. People can and will print everything, true or not. bottom line is creatine is over rated as a muscle builder. I do believe it increases a muscles endurance, which, in turn leads to strength gain. If its bigger muscles vs more hair, I would lose the creatine and start training hard with some meatheads. I regret taking the supplements btw. Those did lead to hair loss....

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    Is it healthy to take it so much? Just saying..

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlsachs View Post
    Is it healthy to take it so much? Just saying..
    There is not unheatlhy sides of the creatine load in your body, since it can syntetize most part of it, the old myths about people saying that you have to "cycle" your creating, or take dosages of less than 3g per day have been busted long ago.

    About the DHT level increase, there is a lot of crap above in the comments, it has been PROVED by not only a rugby study like someone said but for several studies already until the date, that yes, CREATINE increases the DHT levels, which if you are prone to loose hair in the future, it will accelerate the process.

    If you are looking to maintain your scalp hair I would likely recommed to stop using any kind of creatine source at all. Even if you reduce the amount of consumption it is still having an impact. Why risk the posible acceleration of you hair loss for just a little bit more of body recuperation and body volume tolerance (which is what actually creatine does, it allows you to tolerate a little bit more of volume in your workouts since it reduces fatigue symptons).

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