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    Default 1010 FUE by FIT - 1yr.- Dr. Patrick Mwamba (MyWHTC)

    This patient had fronto-temporal recession and desired a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD, successfully treated the patient by meticulously transplanting 1010 FUE by FIT grafts in one session.

    After twelve months, this patient has appropriately gained a more feminine appearance and can honestly feel confident with wearing any preference of hair style. We are certainly proud to present the results of yet another patient who has benefited from surgical hair loss treatment at MyWHTC clinic in Brussels, Belgium.

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    My opinions are my own. I am one representative of MyWHTC clinic.

    Consultations with Dr. Patrick Mwamba
    London, UK - Available (Sat.)
    Zurich, Switzerland - Available (Sat.)
    Bologna, Italy - Available (Sat.)
    Brussels, Belgium - Available (Mon. - Sun.)

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    Was this an even distribution of grafts on both sides, 505 (give or take) each side? One side appears to be of lesser density but the lighting may play a role in this. Regardless, this is an excellent result that caught my attention. Well done by the clinic and congratulations to the patient.
    Joe Tillman
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