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    Hello all. I am 53, female and balding. I started losing my hair maybe 10 years ago. What a devasting event for a woman. I tried ignoring it and praying it would stop. Didn't work to well. I used rogaine for years which may have slowed the loss. Hard to tell as the loss continued anyway, so who knows if the rogaine slowed it or not. Stopped using that about a year ago and then used provillus along with the supplement. Didn't realize women weren't suppose to use it, but it didn't seem to cause any harm, but didn't cause any good either. I now have to arrange every hair on the top of my head to disguise the loss. I am losing that battle by the way. God, don't you hate when you catch people looking at it? I couldn't even acknowledge it for years and wouldn't now if it weren't apparent. This has all lead to the path I am on now. About three months ago I started looking into having a hair transplant. I didn't even know where to start. I know no one who has had a transplant(or at least not that I know of) so I was totally in the dark. I hope some of my experience will help someone else out. I turned to the internet. Wow!!! That can be helpful and harmfull all at once. I found a place that I thought I would get a consultation at. I went, even though I knew better. The guy who answered the phone was also the guy I was having the consult with. I know. He sat across the table from me, never looked at my head, but determined I was a poor candidate and that I should pay him $40 a week for laser treatments. "Fly by night" is the only thing I can think of. I fled in one big hurry. For any one who doesn't know, laser treatments DO NOT WORK!! My next stop was a nationally know chain of hair restoration "experts". Not sure if I can name them here, so I won't, but I am sure many of you can figure that out. I had my consult with a very nice man "salesman". He was very informative, took his time, answered all my questions, even examined my hair. He told me I was a great candidate. He talked cost with me. $7500. Very expensive for me, but I somewhat expected it. It was higher than I had hoped for, but still. People, after all are looking at my head. He also wanted me to buy a laser comb for $495 too. I have been saving the money to have this done, but did not have enough at the time. That was my saving grace. As I continued to collect the funds, I kept feeling a hesitancy about this particular company. I eventually thought I was being naive by not checking them out further. So I got online and looked for reviews. Gulp! That scared the day lights out of me. I found many complaints and issues. Now, I don't know about you, but this is too important and too expensive not to be done right. So,I doubled my efforts and found Dr Tessler in Southfield Mi and I have not looked back. I am scheduled to have my first procedure done December 16th and I can't wait. I have full faith in this Dr and feel I have made the right decision. My first procedure will be 800 grafts in the front. Dr Tessler says I can't have the full amount done as this will make me very prone to shock loss. Hmmmm. He was the first one to say that to me and sure enough when I researched it, it was true. I will continue to update this story as it progresses. Thanks for allowing me share.

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