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    Smile Update on RU systemic side effects, and the best NO side effects Regime OUT THERE

    Hey Guys,

    It seems a lot of time has passed since RU has become a big thing in hair loss circles, I've started to see it everywhere around the Internet as an effective treatment.

    Since much time has passed I was wondering if anyone had some updated knowledge on its systemic side effects and long term use as both appear to be the biggest questions regarding treatment.

    From all my research I've found credible sources including el_dusterino claim RU+Neogenic+ Minoxidil as the best NO SIDES Regime out there today for anyone interested.

    Currently I use Minoxidil+Crinagen+Vitamins but starting to feel that I'm wasting time using a weak anti-androgen like Crinagen over something more effective like RU to maintain what I have. I was going to re-stock on Crinagen but it might be time to take the jump to RU, anyone have any advice on this?

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I think some updated RU information would be helpful for everyone if there is any

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    I have to say the wonderful research this article has is greatly remarkable.


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    Concise that I never heard about it.


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