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    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyDeLite View Post
    do laser combs work, the answer depends on how badly damage your follicles are. Hair grows from follicles. Some follicles that are not growing hair may simply need stimulation and can be saved, which is where laser combs come in. Follicles that are completely damaged will not grow anymore hair.
    This is 100% wrong and misleading. There is simply no proof that it works, AT ALL. The studies they wanted to hide clearly show even the placebo group did better than the lasercomb group. It does nothing for hair.

    The lasercomb is complete garbage and does NOT work. If something works, you will hear the voices on bulletin boards such as these, that simply does not happen.

    It's garbage.

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    I think some medical professionals believe it may have some benefit actually. Not Propecia or Minoxidil levels of benefit, but some.

    I won't be adding it to my regimen because I don't think its value for money, but if they were £10 I'd buy one!

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    I've also heard at least one or two doctors claim they've seen results with laser therapy, but I have to agree that it's too expensive for most men to experiment with, especially when its effectiveness is so in question. IMO, any expensive remedy that isn't officially approved to treat hair loss should either have serious science behind it (like dutasteride) or at least a ton of anecdotal evidence (like with Nizoral shampoo). Otherwise, it's probably not worth hundreds of dollars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Feller View Post
    LLLT can't work for many reasons.

    One of the most obvious is that laser light cannot, under any circumstance, penetrate the skin's "optical barrier". There are no exceptions and this reality serves as a fatal blow to the LLLT industry.

    See this short video:

    When the LLLT industry was confronted with this unavoidable fact of physics, not a single representative came online to refute or correct the claim. This includes the owner and "inventor" of the Hairmax laser comb, David Michaels, and ALL of the LLLT doctors whose names and websites appear on the so-called "Medical Advisory Board" of Hairmax's website.

    LLLT is an insult to the medical and scientific world.
    LOL Are you sure you made medical studies ?????

    Of course laser light can penetrate the skin and have an effect on follicles.

    Have you ever heard of laser hair removal ???? A lot of dermatologists or beauty institutes can do that, and sorry to say this but it's proven that it works !!

    High Level Laser can "kill" unwanted hair on legs for example, or make it grow thinner.

    How do you explain that dear """doctor""" ?

    And let me tell you a second thing : some malicious sellers or beauty institutes sometimes use fake/bad quality/low level laser machines instead of expensive high level laser machines to save costs, and guess what, the customers are reporting that instead of falling or growing thinner, their unwanted facial hair or legs hair have densified and grown thicker...

    Every dermatologist can tell you that, if the laser light is not powerful enough, it will have the opposite effect on your unwanted hair, it will grow thicker instead of dying.

    So i think it could work for baldness too.

    I don't know if this hairmax thing is working or not, maybe it is of a too bad quality to have an effect, i don't have tested it... but at the right frequency low level laser can stimulate hair follicles growth, that's a fact.

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    well well...i seriously dont know whom to trust ..i have been thinking about ordering someting like laser ..but thanks you guys ..you saved me.....

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    Default spencer forrest

    Hi guys what also happened to the spencer forrest x5 hair laser trials?

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