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    Default Thinking of book for FUE. Need some feedback!!

    Hi Guys,

    Been on these forums for years just lurking. My hairloss started very young age at 19 now I'm 29. I would say I am heading to a norwood 6. I have the same pattern as my dad did and my eldest brother. I've used a lot of the so called remedies e.g saw palmetto, laser hair max, msm, cetrizine, finesteride, nizoral and rogaine foam.

    The only things I've been using for the last couple of years are Rogaine foam and Nizoral. I started finesteride and that was a huge mistake, got heavy sides from it, grew man boobs and had to have surgery. Also still suffering from low sex drive after almost 4 years of stopping. That stuff is harmful to many like myself.

    Anyways it's come to the stage where I cannot hide my hair loss anymore and it's thinned to the point people have now started to comment on it after all these years so it's time to take a new action which I think is HT. I am going to be very moderate in my approach to a HT not expecting grand results and a head full of hair.
    I am thinking of have 2000 fue at the frontal area with 1000 at the crown. I will need to come back again in the future for more so will hope to get another 3000 our of my donor if possible. Also if in the future I deplete all my donor hair I will be hoping to use my beard hair.

    I am thinking of booking in January with a top surgeon in Turkey. Just wanted to know what you guys think by looking at my current pics. Theres pics of my hair long and also my hair a week after I shaved it off completely.

    Can't seem to show rest of pic on here so here's the link to them.

    Just to add I am so glad these forums exist because if it weren't for the abundant amount of knowledge and experiences and wisdom of other forum users I probably would have had a HT at a young age on some back street clinic with my head butchered. So thank you all who contribute to these forums with all your experiences and knowledge.

    BTW here's a pic of my head last year also take a two to three weeks after I shaved it off looks fairly similar to how my hair is today only difference is one was taken with flash the other under natural lighting.

    Pic taken July 2013

    Pic taken November 2014

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    Working at Dr. Cole's office I meet every patient who comes through the door. It seems, related to the number of patients I meet, a higher than reported number complain of sides with finasteride. I have seen some great results from finasteride use though. As odd as it sounds, dutasteride, being a more powerful medication is sometimes more tolerable than finasteride for some men. The reverse is true also.

    Related to hair transplants, the common mistake I see is inappropriate placement of multiple hair grafts. That mistake really stands out with shorter hair and as you lose more hair, multiple hair follicular units can look very unnatural. Proceed with caution regarding a hair transplant doctor. Some results photos hide this placement problem but it becomes evident in person and I have seen this cause a great deal of distress.

    35YrsAfter also posts as CITNews and works at Dr. Cole's office - - Cole Hair Transplant, 1045 Powers Place, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009 - Phone 678-566-1011 - email 35YrsAfter at
    The contents of my posts are my opinions and not medical advice
    Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Ask for Chuck

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