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    Lightbulb Cold caps

    There are cold caps that chemo patients wear to speed up hair growth. Has anybody ever tried using one for male pattern baldness?

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    The principle is that cold temperatures induce hair growth. I was thinking about his remembering an ex girlfriend that complained in cold weather she would get tons of stubble on her legs immediately after shaving.

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    I feel like a combo of a bunch of natural remedies might help. Something like:

    Natural combination:

    topical paste to soak on head consisting of:

    Vitamin c powder
    Dutasteride liquiid capsule
    caffiene powder
    saw palmetto
    grapefruit seed extract
    Cold cap?
    + more

    -apply all of this after a session of dermarolling, then massage head with a electric vibrator while watching tv.

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    good to see people promoting natural

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