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    Hi all.
    I am looking at this point for some advise and would be keen to hear from anybody else who may have experienced similar problems.

    In May this year after nearly two years of research I had a 3000 graft transplant in the UK, for obvious reasons I am at this stage not going to name the surgeon or the clinic.

    Basically following the procedure I had an infection in the donor area, I then spent two full weeks including weekends visiting the surgery for them to try and monitor and treat the infected area.

    Each day they changed the Hydrocolloid dressing on the infected area,daily photo's were taken to which I insisted on seeing (for the record from day one I started collecting my own images) I sensed at this point all was not well, these were very worrying times, very stressful and to make matters worse they told me from the off that I would have to have the dressings on for at least 6-8 weeks, you can imagine the size of this dressing trying to cover an open wound this size.
    I still had longer hair which I had to arrange to hide the dressing, they gave me a couple of different sprays and Toppik like products to try and help cover it up.

    The size of the open wound measured 35 mm x 25 mm and roughly 4-5 mm in depth, it wasn't a pretty site and very worrying to say the least.

    Fortunately I was able to stay in the area for the two weeks and the cost of the hotel accommodation was picked up by the surgeon.

    After the two weeks the practice Manger rang me daily to check how I was coping, it was at this stage where by it became more of a mental torment not knowing if it would heal and how long it would take.
    After spending two years researching reading Forums, Blogs you name it I now found myself franticly and practically day and night looking on the internet at all sorts. There were medical questions I needed answering, was I using the right dressings what were the reasons for this had it happened to anybody else, would I recover all sorts if you like I became obsessed.

    Whilst visiting the surgery each day I kept hearing the words Trauma, it kept playing on my mind to the extent I believe this to be the cause of the Shock loss I then started to suffer, I knew from my research this was normal in some cases but not to the extent I was experiencing, When I called the clinic they asked me to again come back in for them to take a look and they gave me Minoxidil foam and more concealers to try and stop the loss and mask over the further hair loss.

    All this time I never seemed to spare a thought for the actual hair transplant and would it or would it not work, it almost became an after thought.

    The first week of July and finally seven weeks on the would had healed over and it meant I could leave the dressing off, what a relief it certainly made life a lot easier.

    Come the last week of July the practice Manager rang me and asked would I come in and see the surgeon again, he wanted to talk to me about some form of compensation, the following week we met up and he again examined me taking further photo's the discussion then turned to money and he asked me what I thought would be a fair amount, I then asked what he thought would be fair taking into account all the stress and trauma I had suffered over the last couple of months and many more sleepless nights I was sure still to come, he then made an offer to refund me half the fee I paid for the procedure, the amount I paid for the 3000 grafts was £9000 and he was offering £4500.

    Knowing before hand we were meeting to discuss money I thought long and hard on what should I be asking for after all I have never made a claim for anything and all this was new to me, I kept asking myself should I be talking to a solicitor, what kind of money should I be asking for, again more stress sleepless nights research and so on.

    Due to the size of the wound we knew it was going to mean more surgery in a years time to cover what is now a rather large bald patch at the back of my head, thankfully the hair above it does hide it once in position and the use of hairspray, so taking into account part of any agreement regarding compensation would include the repair work that I would need early next year.

    All the people I met at the clinic including the surgeon I considered to be good honest decent people, they genuinely seemed very concerned and yes in my opinion did look after me, I am convinced it was for the right reasons and not for any other reason.

    Taking into account the work I would need I had made my mind up I wanted to recover only the £9000 I had paid, this would help share the suffering I had been through and still to come, I wanted the surgeon to know I had no intention of talking to a no win no fee solicitor, and for this reason I still have no intention of mentioning the surgeon on any of the hairloss forums.
    Now the surgeon has come back to me as promised albeit two and a half months after our meeting and is standing by his original offer to reimburse me half of the money, he has also said should he hypothetically pay me the full £9000 then that would be the end of it and he would not carry out the repair work.
    Now surely if this was to happen I would have to go to another surgeon where possibly I would have to reveal all the details of where my previous procedure took place and by which surgeon and this is not what I want to happen.

    I apologise I know this is a bit long winded but any advise or anybody else who has been through a similar experience I would appreciate your feed back and try and help me decide where I go from here.

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