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    Default Does Squatting/Deadlifts cause hair loss?

    Ever since I started Squatting/Dead lifting heavy 2 years ago I've noticed my hair thinning. We all know Squatting raises testosterone levels thus resulting in more conversion to DHT... So it would make sense that doing these compound exercises could accelerate MPB...

    What do you guys think?

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    ANY heavy lifting during any compound exercise will promote the release of growth hormone and testosterone.

    Squats unfairly get targeted because the quads and hip extensors are the largest and strongest muscles in the body.

    Its pure coincidence. Also, the amount it increases by isn't going to be markedly high enough to make a difference. Its going to promote the release of what it thinks it needs for the task you've asked your body for. What would make a difference is if your total T were to increase by 50% -- there will be a lot of *free* testosterone that goes unused. This will mean way more DHT and way more E2 then your body normally converts. That's why users of testosterone (steroids) take AI's.

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    No. It’s not the amount of testosterone or DHT—it’s the sensitivity of your hair follicles. That sensitivity is determined by genetics. The AR gene makes the receptor on hair follicles that interacts with testosterone and DHT. If your receptors are particularly sensitive, they are more easily triggered by even small amounts of DHT, and hair loss occurs more easily as a result.

    Actually working out and being healthy will result is better health, skin, bones, and hair.

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    There are many factors of hair loss. In your case it could be due to so much squatting but it doesn't mean that's the main reason behind hair loss. Are you eating healthy food along with exercise? There might be some nutrients that your body is not getting so it could be one also of the many reasons. Do you also take any medication?

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    I don't think workout will be inducing hair fall. But dieting would. If you are not getting enough nutrients from your diet, you will have hair loss.

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    I don't think squatting could be related to hair loss. The body will produce a little bit more testosterone (to be consumed). Question: Are you taking steroids?

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