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    Quote Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
    You clearly never lived the life of a good looking guy.
    Depends what are your priorities in life. I am a religious man anyway. So, I stick with one woman.

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    XYZ, reading your posts, I've come to the conclusion that you're a whiner. I bet you bitched and moaned when you had hair too! Lmao... "Blah blah bald men have to work and earn everything while good looking people get it handed to them"... Who the F wants everything handed to them? What is something truly worth if you haven't busted your ass for it? I want my hair back and all, but some of you guys are just pansies.

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    indeed he does!

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    Amazing. And thanks guys for pointing this out to XYZ. Fortunately most of us know this opinion has get little basis whatsoever. I know plenty of good looking people who are completely useless as a result of having had the looks but everyone ages anyway.

    As far as getting stuff on easy mode? Please. Are you kidding me? even the most beautiful people on this planet still have to work to succeed. Barring a few rich and spoiled people I think that is the case for all and I have dated and known enough gorgeous women to know they have all sorts of crazy insecurities anyway. You hate your hair, another guy hates his teeth, someone else their feet, nails, eyes, skin colour. Get ahold of yourself man.

    And as far as pretty people go, the most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping with was not the most beautiful. She might have been a 6/10, slim and kick a$$ body but wonky nose, a crooked tooth, some skin issues - but she was still the sexiest girl I've ever been with. Between her mind, personality and abundance of energy she is a 1647483/10.

    There's a lot more to life than being pretty. I'm not hideous, I'm not the prettiest guy ever, but I do alright.

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    Yes, he looks much better shaved. In my opinion it is sometimes better to go bald than to have a hairstyle that attracts the attention of people to your problem.

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