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    Default Just thought I would stop by and share my experience...

    So I thought I would be proactive a few years ago and do something about my thinning hair. I had 1100 transplants with Dr. Shapiro in South Florida and I really wasnt happy with the procedure. He was supposed to make the hairline look natural but instead it looked like dollhair. When I went for my follow up, and told him I wasnt happy at all he didnt want to hear it and actually he blew me off and blamed it on a "busy day" and he had a couple of people waiting. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND DR SHAPIRO TO ANYONE. For years I had to use dermatch to cover and it got to the point where I wont leave my home without it or wearing a hat. Finally I figured enough is enough. I found Dr Epstein online searching for the best Doctor I could find. It was the before and after pictures that really had me interested. So I made my appointment and met with him in Miami. He is such a nice guy! Not only does he actually listen to his patients (which most doctors dont do, they tune out after 30 seconds) he really wants to know what youre going through. He really made me feel comfortable. Everyone there was so nice and understanding. He specializes in fixing other doctors mistakes and also the fact he is a plastic surgeon I felt confident about the surgery. Mid August I had the surgery done. It was 2100 transplants with repairing 250 of the mistakes Shapiro made to my hairline. The surgery went very well and everyone there is so nice. My cousin is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and he checked the donor area and was very impressed with the minimal scar. So far so good and even though its too soon to tell, Im so happy I made the decision for Dr. Epstein to fix what has been bothering me for years. Dr. Shapiros "telemarketers" have the balls to keep calling me every month even though I tell them I would never use him again or tell anyone to use him. You would think they would get the point. If youre thinking about getting this done, check out Dr. Epstein and make your own decision but with me he has a fan for life. I go back after Thanksgiving for a check up so maybe Ill post again after if anyone wants to hear. Im really looking forward to seeing one of his girls there Jennifer....he has some hot girls working for him!

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    Sorry to hear about your experience - Dr Epstein will sort you out i'm sure . Just to confirm though to the viewing public they do not want to get this doc you mention confused with SMG in Minnesota as they are completely different clinics. (Different Shapiros)

    Do you have any pics?

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    Dr. Lawrence J Shapiro in South Florida is the Doctor to stay away from. Yes Im sure Dr. Epstein was the right call for me. Ill try to get the before pics from them when I go after Thanksgiving and see if they will take comparisons for me and give them to me so I can post it here

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    Default Post pics?

    Can you tell me how to post pics from my iPhone

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