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    film Replicel video on RCT-01, maybe indicates start of next RCH-01 phase?

    In this video David Hall talks about RCT-01 for tendinosis.

    At 1minute 27secs, he mentions that the next phase for RCT-01 should start 'in the next month or 2'.
    On the front page of their website, they mention RCT-01 and RCH-01 together in the same sentence, saying that they will both start in 2014.

    Does this mean that RCH-01 (for hair) may also start in about 1 or 2 months?
    I think it has to, if they are truely going to start in 2014.

    Also they do a good job of keeping their company's progress and actions visible to the public - regular news releases and interviews, shows that they are always moving forward and increases confidence in the company, other companies should take note.

    here is the video:

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