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    If you knew anything about me or my postings you would know that I in fact do not encourage others to have hair transplants. My posting history speaks for itself.

    Here is the type of tattoo I would recommend for young balding guys. Just down the street from me at the Brown Line train station 2 guys were attacked during the day by 4 gang bangers.

    Each one of these attackers had neck tattoos and 2 of them had ink on their face. Even though there were several bystanders no one got involved because it’s a fact that most people would be very intimidated by someone with a neck or face tattoo. Regardless of if one of these guys were losing their hair the majority would keep their mouth shut and show them respect. Why ………………….because the neck tattoo says I DON’T CARE and it also says I AM NOT AFRAID.

    And here is the lesson for young, insecure balding guys. It’s not that you are balding it’s that you very often are weak and insecure and when others pick up on that many will feed off that fear and weakness in order to make themselves feel better.

    You are infinitely better off getting into the gym and working out, martial arts or whatever it takes to stop being so weak then having ink dots on your head. I can tell you from my own experience of working in the night club industry. The number of those that wanted to test me was directly related to my bodyweight not that it mattered but I didn’t need the hassle of constantly being tested where the result was a verbal exchange or something different.

    If you have ink dots all over your head it becomes something that is very hard to hide. In my opinion you are taking a very huge risk which could easily destroy what little dignity you might have left. I’m telling you to not do it. Get into the gym or do something to build your confidence for a couple of years then see how you feel after at least give it a shot.

    Do not listen to these guys trying to make a fast and easy dollar. Do nothing...........just observe everything you are seeing and take notes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topcat View Post

    When I write I am a 29 year veteran of this industry it means something in fact it means a great deal as I am not only a patient but an observer I what I see. I have collected volumes of information over all this time and making better decisions is about having information.

    A young guy would be infinitely better off shaving his head as opposed to having ink dots on it. Ink dots generate a lot of cash with very low overhead. In fact I could set up shop here in Chicago in a heartbeat but that kind of money I'm not interested in making. Causing harm to young guys out of the love for money is very bad karma and eventually what goes around comes around in my opinion.

    I think I've been on the forums for about five years...

    I was a Norwood 5 or 6.... I don't remember exactly as it's been 3 years since I had SMP.....I look ten years younger and my life is mine. I'm free of trying to use couverture and topik amd comb over bull sh t..

    I'm 55 years old and this look is very cool. Whether in a suit and tie or jeans. This is a nice clean young professional look.

    I get tons of compliments and never has anyone known this is smp....

    For those that are on the fence...and in the NY metro area....shoot me a pm with your phone number and buy me either a cup of coffee or a drink and see for yourself.

    I went to three well respected hair transplant surgeons and almost did that...but by the time I was done...I was being would take two and possibly three sessions to complete...not to mention all the down time..

    My dad died of bone cancer back in 1989 at the age of 61 that had metasitized (sp)from the prostrate so when I heard I would be recommended after the treatments to take propicia...I really wasn't thrilled. Propicia doesn't really allow accurate testing of the PSA as it elevates the levels to make the test worthless..

    I have a severely handicapped autistic teenager and I can't afford to die and leave him without me....I need to be getting that PSA test every year to make sure I'm all the aspects of hair transplants didn't thrill me so on this forum as a matter of fact....I began to hear about what is now called smp...and that's the direction I went.....

    Sorry to go off topic....and these forums really are cathartic for me...

    If anyone really wants a first hand viewing out in public....shoot me a pm and see smp for yourself.

    Don't listen to supposed experts who have not actually seen smp in person, better to make up your own mind using your own eyes.

    I'll bring before pictures from my cell phone or you can use the HiS forum and see my thread dated October 3 rd 2011.

    I just brought it up to the top on that forum because I'm remembering three years well smp changed my life.

    Life is good..

    As far as scar work...that I don't know too much about....I think it depends on the skin bump of the scar. Most of the time smp can cover the look...once in awhile I've heard of laser to bring down the bump line and then use smp...

    Hope this helps.

    Thunder your cool.. I know where your coming from.

    Your just thrilled with the new lease on life smp has opened for you. I was there three years ago and I'm still enjoying the fruits of my smp decision..

    Freedom rocks!

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    The fact that several customers of these SMP outfits have experienced lumps on their head and enlarged lymph nodes should be of concern and added to the list. These are real experiences and it's you body telling you something very important. The ink collects in the lymph nodes and anyone concerned about cancer should know this fact.

    I think we are going to look back on all this and ask why didn’t those with a bigger voice try better to keep young guys out of harm’s way. Why did they in fact help contribute to that harm by remaining silent.

    Thunder let me share a picture from back in the day. It’s my dad’s deuce and quarter. Notice the 2 tone look…………they call that the Landau top. The top is a different color from the sides.

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    No offense but the lump is the scar tissue from where the strip hair transplant doctor used to do a hair transplant..

    There is no lumps from smp...

    The transplant causes the scar...not smp.

    People often use LASIK to file down the hair transplant scar and then use smp to cover the hair transplant scar...

    Sometimes the smp practioners can hide the scar with smp and no laser to get the transplant scar down to a manageable level.

    Look if guys don't want to accept smp as a viable alternative that's your business. For those that want to see first hand what smp looks like after three me and buy me a cup of coffee. You ll see for yourself.

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    My suggestion would be for guys to visit you at your house. Meet your family and your friends and find out as much as possible about you.

    I’m actually okay for some older guy to make this decision………………that is their business and they should have enough life experience to do so or at least we hope so. But to take some young guy who is desperate and do this to his head is complete negligence in my opinion and if you are marketing something here for your own benefit than you should be willing to accept that responsibility completely whatever the costs.

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    Sorry but your saying is ridiculous. No young man should ever feel bad about male pattern baldness and if any young or old would like to see what smp can do for a person....go see the results in real life and don't listen to internet arrives who have no practical experience with smp other than what they think or heard.

    Knowledge is power and seeing first hand is all that matters.

    Scaring people with nothing but heresay is injustice for those suffering male pattern baldness ..

    I really don't care what a few forum members say one way or the other since a) they don't have smp and b) haven't seen a person with it in the real world.

    It's almost as if you have a vested interest in dissuading people from smp and for that I do t understand.

    I would never talk someone out of using a qualified hair transplant surgeon if they want flowing locks of hair..

    I don't understand the logic of not knowing about something and saying bad things to make it sound bad?

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