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    Default Gemini Twins update 8 months - Dr. Victor Hasson

    Hey Friends,

    Paul checking in on behalf of the Gemini Twins.

    At 8 months, things are going (we think) right on schedule. We both have quite good coverage on our frontal forehead recipient area when we comb our hair forward there. One can still see the scalp pretty clearly when we brush the hair backward in that area, but veteran patients on this forum continue to assure us that the density should continue to improve over the final 4 months.

    Most of all, we are just very grateful to have REAL HAIR growing on that all-important frontal forehead area, where there once was nothing. We owe our thanks and greatly improved confidence to Dr. Hasson and his fine staff for making this possible.

    See you again soon!

    Paul (and Peter) aka The Gemini Twins

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    Default Gemini Twins - 9 months post-op update

    Hey Friends!

    Paul posting once again on behalf of the Gemini Twins! (Peter is in the thick of opening a show this week, so our mutual update falls to me again this month!)

    First of all, a sincere thanks goes out to all our fellow forum users who have reached out to us over the past few months, to offer compliments on our progress and words of encouragement. They have meant so much to us. We have done our best to answer every comment or question sent to us, but if we have missed one or two along the way, please forgive us. Posting here each month (along with more detailed updates on our individual blogs) is our way of trying to keep the bases covered.

    With three-quarters of a year behind us now, we continue to be pleased with our progress, while still hoping for even better results in the home stretch. Our density continues to improve each month, but we each have certain stubborn "thin areas" at the hairline and on the top that are noticeable when the hair is combed (or blows) a certain way. Of course, we are hoping the next three months sees these areas thickening up and filling in. But we also realize that for guys who were severely balding BEFORE the procedure, this would really just be the icing on the cake. Mostly, we are just so thankful to have some significant hair/coverage in the front and on top, where there once was none. And we owe every hair to Dr. Victor Hasson.

    Several of our fellow bloggers have reported that Months 8-12 show the most significant change, so we are looking forward to the next couple of months with great anticipation. In the meantime, thanks to all of you who are making the journey so much easier to travel along the way.

    See you at Month 10!

    Paul (and Peter)
    The Gemini Twins

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