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    Positive attitude, style, posture, self confidence, and class are of course major contributors to success in life. No young person I know of, ever looks forward to baldness, but many women find a positive, self confident personality more attractive than hair. More women than you might think find the shaved look attractive. Years ago, I met Patrick Stewart. Hair loss lowered his self esteem a notch when he was younger so his sudden popularity even sex symbol status was difficult for him to fathom.

    35YrsAfter also posts as CITNews and works at Dr. Cole's office - forhair.com - Cole Hair Transplant, 1045 Powers Place, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009 - Phone 678-566-1011 - email 35YrsAfter at chuck@forhair.com
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    Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Ask for Chuck

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    I dont understand this prenotion that bald is ugly. I am bald but have never thought of myself as ugly. Hair can only enhance a face. If you are already goodlooking, you wont require the support of hair to look good.

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    I have seen people mocking bald guys, but who gives a shit. We are not gonna waste time throwing stones at every dog that barks, you know.

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    Amen baldozer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred970 View Post
    It's only as bad as it appears. Society and women will make sure that you understand how bad it is.
    Hit the nail on the head. But men are at fault too (privileged assholes who put us down to empower themselves more so).

    Positional Good theory!

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