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    Quote Originally Posted by Laserhead View Post
    A few years ago when I used to frequent this forum I was miserable. I have a great wife and a son who is now 10 years old and all I could do was think about my hair. I was scammed out of a lot of money, by a laser company that I should have spent for my young family and I was bitter about it. I finally looked into trying to wear a partial hair system and I never looked back. I havenít felt the need to post here for years, but I was on here today and thought I would help someone out who had questions about their application.

    To me hair pieces, propecia and hair transplants are are only real options. Iím married so I never had to deal with giving the ďtalkĒ about my hair to anyone. My wife loves it and I really look and feel so much better. Yes, there are times that the hair comes in too dark or not as thick as the one before, but if you plan for those issues, they are easy to correct. Once you learn how to work with these things, for me it was like a miracle. Iím so surprised that there is not more talk about this solution on this forum. Letís change that.

    Now that I am in a much better place, I donít think that coming here and talking about wearing hair will get me depressed like it use to coming here. I think it might be time to give back a little so if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I think Iím going to change my avitar too, that represented the as old me before I got my hair back. By the way, I donít work for any company or whatever, I just want to give back a little, since Iím so much happier with myself now.
    Hi Laserhead :-)

    Thanks for your post, it's great that you want to give something back. Giving something back is probably one of the signs of success/successful people.
    I'm glad it worked out for you, and yes this forum doesn't talk enough about hair systems.
    It's a real option and for some people, maybe the only option for some.
    You know, hairloss is different for everyone, and there isn't a one-size-fits all answer for everyone - we probably all need something a bit different.

    So I do have a first question for you:

    You mentioned about pieces coming in darker than they should be and that you could fix it. How do you go about fixing that, and getting it back to the right colour?


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    In most cases you can dye it. Not ideal as you will need to redo it periodically, but the best solution for that.

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    Default Laserhead! You're AWESOME!

    Hi Laserhead,

    I'm here in SoCal at the end of my rope, having tried EVERYTHING to combat my hair-loss. I've poked around this forum since its inception, but never joined until today - entirely because of your incredible grace and honesty on this post.

    I think I know EXACTLY what "System-Club" you're referring to - and having recently revisited there for the THIRD TIME in 8 years for a consult - THE EXACT SAME SCENE played out in front of me... for the THIRD TIME... with THE SAME PERSON playing the antagonist!!

    I desperately need your expertise and connections in finding a stylist and solution after 25 years of dart-throwing, and would like to connect with you (privately) to do so. I'm a professional in the entertainment industry and discretion is paramount to me, as I know is for you. I dunno how we go about exchanging info privately, so if you're willing (and I really hope that you are), your help with that is appreciated.

    In advance, I'm extremely appreciative of any help you can give to a longtime sufferer of hair-loss from illness, which resulted in bad systems, bad transplants (BOSLEY NO LESS), and a whole-lotta JUST PLAIN BAD. I wanna turn the tide.

    All the very best,


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    Quote Originally Posted by grincher View Post
    Laserhead, you are not in a club of one. I echo the points you made. I was in a bad place for years until I found hair systems and I have had no regrets ever since. In fact, its a new me. Looking younger and fitter. Its knocked years off me. Im in the UK
    Hi I'm in the UK and have been wearing for about a year now. I've been traveling to London once a month to the place I got the system from to have a rebond and cut but I'm looking to order the systems locally or online and start doing it myself. Where do you get your systems from?

    And FWIW for me wearing has made a huge difference. I'll write more about my experiences another time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarrotMan View Post
    Hi I'm in the UK and have been wearing for about a year now. I've been traveling to London once a month to the place I got the system from to have a rebond and cut but I'm looking to order the systems locally or online and start doing it myself. Where do you get your systems from?

    And FWIW for me wearing has made a huge difference. I'll write more about my experiences another time.

    More details please and any pictures prices the place in London?

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    Hi everyone, sorry I have not been on the site for a while. @james7, I just make sure I always order 2 or 3 units at a time to make sure that if an order does not come in right, I can reorder without having to worry about it. A good company or factory will take the unit back and send you a new corrected one at no charge, but it can take like a month, so you have to be prepared for that. Iím not a fan of dyeing the piece, but you can do that too.

    @Wizard, sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I am not comfortable communicating personally, but there are some very good places to get your hair from. I would say Coolpiece.com or hairdirect.com are the best online places, with good return policies. They should be able to give you the names of good local stylists. Go for the thinnest units possible. They might shed and are very fragile, but when they are on, they can look 100% flawless. Just be prepared to purchase at least 6 per year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz1 View Post
    More details please and any pictures prices the place in London?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz1 View Post
    More details please and any pictures prices the place in London?
    London Hair Clinic. It's quite expensive but acceptable. It's cost me £600 for a new system which includes taking a mold of your head and making it bespoke. They use European hair too. You get a cut in and 6 month warranty on the system too plus the first rebond is included. The warranty means they recolour the hair if it fades and add more hair if any falls out free of charge. The monthy rebonds I have are £45. My first system just about made it through 8 months, my current - 2nd - one isn't doing as well and will not last as long. It's a lot cheaper to buy online.

    The bonds generally last the month but the edges do tend to peel up a bit after 2-3 weeks but that doesn't affect the dectectability and can be easily glued back down. If I could be bothered to do all the maintenance my self or travel down to London more often I'd probably rebond every 2 weeks as I think this would be better.

    The worse part of taking the plunge into wearing for me was growing out my horseshoe. Since I started going bald aged 20 ish I started buzz cuting my hair because I was losing it so quickly. I spent most of the 3 months or so that it took to grow out my remaining hair wearing a baseball cap.

    I told my colleagues/mates that I was trialling a new drug to grow back hair lost due to alopecia and no one was allowed to see my hair during this period.

    Wearing is scary at first, I spent a lot of the first month wearing my cap. When you do gain the confidence and go with it you realize that no one can tell. Sure i still have the odd day where Im a bit paranoid so check my reflection more often than normal but on the whole I forget I'm wearing a lot of the time.

    I'm 99% sure my friends and colleagues bought my drug trial story and don't know its a system. Maybe I'm deluded and they are just being polite but I don't think so. I did tell one friend (hes an old friend from uni who doesn't hang out with anyone else I know) and he didn't believe me until I peeled up a bit of the system and I have had one balding friend ask me about whether I could get them on the trial. Some of my mates would rip me to shreds if they knew, I'm sure of that. Reading this you probably are thinking that I'm a fool and my friends are probably laughing behind my back, I'm happy for you to think that.

    I started wearing last November and had been single for several years. Last December I met my girlfriend. She didn't know I was wearing when we met and I didn't tell her at first. I told her I didn't like having my hair touched but the first time we got intermate she ran her fingers through my hair and it peeled up a bit at the front, I could tell she knew something was up but I didn't fess up there and then. A few days later I did tell her though and she was intrigued but didn't mind and has been very supportive. She'd come up with a few different theory's about why my head had felt a bit different the first time she touched it and one of those theories had been that I was wearing a wig but she still wasn't 100% sure until I told her. She has told me that from looking alone there's no way anyone could tell. She now goes to London with me some times when I go for a rebond and she is planning on doing my cut ins if I decide to go it alone with the bonding and ordering the system. Would she have gone out with me if I had been bald when she met me? probably not and I probably wouldn't have had the confidence to ask her out.

    I've rebonded the system myself on a few occasions and it is a bit tricky and time consuming hence why I've been traveling to London but it's something I could get used to.

    Overall my scalp had stayed in good condition until a few weeks ago where it got a bit itchy and I've made it a bit sore from scratching. I think it would be a good idea to spend a few days here and there without the system on though and I'm going to try and do this where possible.

    To clear up a few common question I've seen online...

    No it won't fall off
    No you can't feel it
    No one will be able to tell
    Yes you can go swimming in it

    Anymore feel free to ask.

    Don't get me wrong, wearing isn't for everyone but it's made a difference to my life and there's no denying I look better with hair. At this stage even if people knew it was a system I would still wear it.

    As for photos, I may post some, and I have before on other forums but it's a bit of a risk.

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    Wearing a system has made a huge difference for me. Its now a vital part of my life. I would rather walk around without my trousers than without my hair system

    I agree the London Hair Clinic are "acceptable", but acceptable isnt cutting it at those prices.

    To be specific my 5 issues with them are.

    1) Price - £600 to £750 and thats for Indian hair. Over one year it works out at £1200 to £1500 plus £540 for rebonding. Thats way too much for most people and me. I needed something sustainable that I could rely on for years.

    Instead I found a good online supplier and I now pay under £250 for a custom made piece. I regularly get 8-months daily wear from a single unit.

    2) The hair itself - quality is reasonable, but its very stiff and brush like making it difficult to style.

    3) Discolouring - I had to go back after a month for recolouring and even that came out a month later again.

    4) The cut in - I had my cut in by their house stylist and it was mediocre at best

    5) No aftercare - after my purchase, I didnt get a single call or email from them until I chased them up about discolouring

    In the early days I didnt know better, but after my experience, I decided to take control and do a little research.

    In fact, after just one evening of research, I felt confident enough to try DIY. I mean what would be the wrose outcome?

    The costs are a fraction of LHC and I have been very happy with the results. The hair I now get is very soft and bouncy and even when I order European Hair, Im paying under £300.

    I feel sympathy for those lacking confidence to DIY. When you consider how much you will save with less effort at home, rather than travelling to these clinics it was an easy decision for me

    I rebond every 2 to 3- weeks, which is much more preferrable than 4 to 6 weeks with these clinics. I also have the option to go a few days without my unit when I DIY. Best of all I dont pay £45 for each rebond, plus travelling and waiting time. I pay 25 minutes at home watching a DVD.

    Once you have a good supplier with support then its much easier!

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