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    You are just 34, instead of undergoing hair transplants, why not try hair growth system or consult hair physician to see if there are other better alternatives.

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    Androgenic Alopecia, this ailment is mostly restricted to men and is triggered mostly by genetics, and the best response to the situation is opting for a Hair Transplant Treatment. For women the situation is a bit more complicated, the FPB (Female Pattern Baldness), bald patches, thinning hair or hair loss can have several underlying causes ranging from hormonal issues, anaemia, pregnancy, chemotherapy, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), skin issues such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and even genetical, etc. These situations cannot be controlled by a normal Hair Transplant Treatment.

    The first thing in your situation is to assess your condition via medical examination, followed by expert opinions from Dermatologists and you can also consult Hair Experts from Vera Clinics, who are competent in assessing Hair Fall issues. So my suggestion is to go through the medical examination first, and then contact the experts from a renowned clinic. If the situation gets extreme then you need to get a hair transplant. In my opinion Vera clinic offers is one of the cheapest and best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey. Hair treatment in Turkey from Vera Clinics is always in budget and superbly effective.

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    I will stay informed of any updates.

    Emondage Charlesbourg

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