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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaM11 View Post
    Hi, I do agree washing caboki is messy experience, hun. You canít swim or shower which is big con. I am not sure about the damage caboki might cause, but if youíre planning it to wear for gym, you should be cautious. If youíre doing heavy workout, you would be sweating a lot, so there are chances it clumps together and becomes noticeable. Even though company claims that it creates a stronger hold, so you wonít experience shedding in tough weather or if you get hot and sweaty in the gym; I read somewhere that this doesn't hold well when you're sweating and you may get on and off different benches. Otherwise itís pretty good if youíre comfortable for the same. Your experience may vary and let us know how you get on with this. Hope it helps.
    If you are looking for water resistant hair fibers then I will suggest Nanofibers.

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    I don't about caboki but get a lot of information about it now thanks guys for discussing about it...

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