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    Have you shaved it? Until you have you shouldn't recommend that others just "shave it". Easier said than done.

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    I think there is no need to shave your head. Your hair cut is short and looks normal.

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    I guess your hair is fine. No need to do hair cut at the moment but if you want a new look and is comfortable with it, go and visit a hair stylist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakewheat View Post
    I'm 18, and in high school. I'm just about to be a junior, (don't ask why please). I'm just wondering if I should do the big switch. I want to know if I have the body type, head type, and if I'm far enough along to start to shave my head.
    I tried the shaved head for a year. While it does a good job of masking hair loss, the year long experiment left me with the impression that a very short buzz [Whilst highlighting hair loss more visibly] looks a little less harsh [Especially when you have fair skin].

    I think the face just needs that little bit of contrast to break it up. In your case you still have a decent amount of hair. The current hairstyle doesn't look too bad. I would definitely avoid shaving & perhaps just buzz it a little shorter.

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