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    Quote Originally Posted by gc83uk View Post
    I'm doing fine thanks!

    I've been trying to book another HST, but they're completely booked up in London until 2015 pretty much, how crazy is that.

    Decided I'm going to take a trip to Maastricht in August for 1 day of treatment, I honestly cannot be arsed doing 2 days any more. I've asked Deborah for 1400 and she said that's fine.

    Not logged in to my email Arashi for a while, so I haven't yet read your email.
    BTW, are you planning to buzz it down before your 5th HST and shoot some photo's ? We could at least do an analysis then !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
    Without buzzing it down we can't do an analysis indeed. Well I understand you, I probably wouldnt want to buzz it down myself. It would be nice to finally have 100% proof HASCI's HST is a scam, cause people are still visiting their clinics and HASCI still tells them 85% of their hair will grow back. But then again, if people still go to HASCI, they didnt do their due diligence anyway.
    I don't agree at all with your last comment, people like myself will go to Hasci because there is no scarring, that in itself is huge.

    I think you're underestimating the number of people that will go to Hasci knowing full well that the 85% figure is pie in the sky, people that have done their due diligence. It's not all about the regeneration.

    I'm actually a bit pissed off that I have to trek over to Holland because London is booked up til 2015, but I should have booked earlier so I can only blame myself.

    I can't believe that's it's now 2014 and there are no alternatives to Hasci for scarless procedures.

    BTW you can always meet me in Holland, your motherland

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    hey Gaz, could you put pics of your hair at your actual lenght, just to see what it looks like after 4 hst, no need to shave it down, you will have to do it for hst5 anyway!!!

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