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    Default Transgender girl looking for help with hair loss

    Ok so I am very very very nervous posting pictures of my hair here. I want everyone to know that I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression because of my hair loss so please anyone who does not like transgender people and just wants to hurt my feeling know that a joke can do serious damage to someone as vulnerable and scared as I am.

    Anyways I want to post these pictures to get more opinions on if my hair loss can be reversed.

    I began Hormone Replacement Therapy in October 2013. I started Avodart 0.5 MG daily, Estrodial topical gel daily. I was castrated in January 2014. I also use Nizoral 1% 2 times per week and I am using the Hairmax Lasecomb every other day. I started 200 MG Micronized Progesterone daily in April 2014.

    So with all of that said I have been told that I can reverse the thinning hair I have much more than a regular male could, and males can sometimes reverse a good amount of hair loss.

    I really am not 100% sure what type of hair loss I have but I certainly see issues in the frontal hairline area that worry me.

    The pictures are so confusing to me, I cannot tell if the lighting from the flash is reflecting off my pale scalp and making my hair loss look much worse than it is in some pictures. Whatever the case the most shocking and what has really put me in a DEEP DEEP depression are the photos taken in direct sunlight. It was hard to pick it up in the photos but the frontal area appears to have lost a large amount of density. If you look closely you can see that my hair is very see through behind where the mature male hairline would be indicating MPB.

    I was told time and time again all I have is the mature male hairline developing and that castration would stop it and the thinning areas should recover to regular density, or very close to it, with my continued transition hormonally from male to female.

    I also was told that my hair density will be fluctuating from all of the hormonal and hair loss treatments I am going through at the moment and that I should not freak out over how the density appears right now, but I can't help it. I know that estrogen prolongs the growth phase of hair so I was also told that my timeline to see improvements would be a bit longer than a regular male's would and that the "shedding density loss" that people usually get when they start treatments may appear longer for me because of this.

    All I want to know is if you all think I caught my hair loss in time to reverse the miniaturization process and regain enough density so it won't be noticeable anymore.

    I should add I was 21 when I started treatments and I feel this hair loss most likely started when I was 18.

    I understand I am in uncharted territory with my situation so I understand if it's hard to give a direct answer.

    Please be gentle

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    Yeah you definitely caught it in time. I wonder are you taking oral spiro?

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