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    Default Dr. Hakan DOGANAY,4215 Grafts, After 18 Months,FUE

    These are 4215 Grafts, after 4 and 18 months results. The patient does not use any medicine.

    Graft Details
    2090 single
    1355 Double
    770 Multiple

    For this operation, Choi Hair Transplanter / implanter Pen technique was used. In this technique, we use small pen needles which has 6-7-8mm diameters to implant grafts into recipient sites. With this technique adjusting the angels of the grafts is easy if a doctor has enough experience, and this is one of the reason how get very natural results. Additionally, after the surgery, patients recover in a shorter time.

    * We apply PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment to our patients for free. For More Information: PRP THERAPY

    Thanks for your comments.


    CONTACT: info@hakandoganayfue.com

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    CONTACT: info@hakandoganayfue.com

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