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    @Dr Cole- When would this shedding end? I had two prp sessions done 4 months back and until now shedding has not stopped.I am now afraid that I will go completely bald due to the two prp session i had, i am seriously depressed about it now.

    I have been using minoxidil , capixyl and taking saw palmetto before and after prp sessions.However, they dont seem to work anymore ,thanks to prp. Please advice doctor cole when can i expect to see my lost hair back or is it gone forever now?Thanks in advance.

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    which Dr did you go to? are you still getting treatments? is it still working for you?

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    i went to a doctor in Sydney, we only did 2 treatments then stopped 2 years ago, he came up with a better solution so i just use that

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    Those are pretty damn good results.

    Adrovart is a very powerful anti DHT medication. It clears 90%, I believe. On the other hand, something
    regrew his hair.

    And it's hard to tell if that photo was changed, the hair lighting, etc. It looks like he gained at least thirty
    percent density back on the vertex area.

    Any change in hairline? There had to be baldness there, I'm guessing from the left picture. Or was he just
    diffuse on top?

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    Actually I'm interested in trying this for my receded hairline (Platelett rich Plasma only, and stay
    on hair loss medications).

    Have very little terminal hair regrowth. With my current medication, I went from a Phill Collins hairline to a Gene Simmons hairline (regrowth, hard to believe!).

    What an improvement...

    Is there any chance I can go from a 3.5 Norwood to a 2.5 Norwood, and still use topical Progesterone, Finasteride, and Minoxidil? .Sometimes I take solid Propecia as well.
    pure Propecia (one milligram) Finasteride as well.

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    Hair fall problem is common problem among men and women. To nourish scalp from internal and generate hair growth again doctor consultation is required. In some cases after certain age hair growth factor stops to work and hair fall begin. So consult with doctor for proper guidance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHTC Clinic View Post
    We have also noted a number of patients benefit from prp treatments. Improvements in hair caliber were observed at the six-month mark.
    Can you show us several before and after pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vic View Post
    I had 2 PRP treatments, 6 months apart. I grew some peach fuzz. For the money I spent on PRP, the results weren't worth it. I've heard many people report peach fuzz growth with Rogaine. I spent $3200 on 2 PRP treatments. $100 worth of rogaine would've given me the same results.
    About 5 months ago I started using a Derma Roller once a week which does the same exact thing as PRP, promotes wound healing/growth factors. My $10 Derma roller has given me MUCH better results then $3200 worth of PRP treatments.
    I think it's safe to say PRP is just another way for doctors to suck our wallets dry.
    Hey Vic, I had a botched PRP. I'm seeing some hair loss specialists, I'm praying there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping you could share. Did you recover from the shed?

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