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    After years of reading posts on various hp forums I do not recall ever reading a post by a male who wears a silk top. Perhaps I was not paying close attention. I suspect silk tops are more commonly worn by women.
    A silk top is a lace hp to which is attached on the scalp side of the lace a piece of silk that presumably matches the color of the wearers scalp. If a color mismatch occurs it likely will look odd.
    The attachment of the silk to the lace is done during the ventilation process. During lace ventilation a ventilating needle passes through the "hole" (interstice) in the lace, under the adjacent lace fiber, up through the adjacent "hole." The barb on the inside of the needle (Korean style or German) catches a strand(s) of looped hair held between the ventilator's forefinger and thumb. The direction is then reversed and finally a knot (single, double or split) is tied. The knot is on the scalp side of the silk. Presumably the silk is opaque thus rendering the knot invisible from the top of the hp.
    However, based on my understanding of the process, the silk is not applied to the edge of the lace at the hairline. I believe the lace ends approximatey 1/2" from the edge. The reason is twofold:
    1. Lace and silk at the hairline forms two layers of thickness. Thin at the hairline is better for undetectibility.
    2. The strand(s) of hair actually hold the silk to the lace. No thread is used. Break the hair or loose the knot and a gap between silk and lace results. Anyone who wears a lace hairpiece with an exposed hairline knows what happens if the lace lifts from the scalp. It becomes very visible. As long as the lace remains "melted" into the tape and/or liquid adhesive it remains invisible..
    If the poster asking about silk tops likes the idea of this type of hp they are readiiy available on domestic hp websites for about $300. Or go to aliexpress (a Chinese version of amazon) and order one at a reduced price. But, if you are buying a hp for the first time, go with lace or uts. Forget silk tops. You are likely searching for a solution to a non existent problem. Do not complicate the process. If you are already a wearer who perceives that they have a problem then give it a try.

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