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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan26 View Post
    I feel ya on that one brother...It's like life is in limbo until our loss is stabilized.

    I dunno about you guys, but it isn't so much the aesthetic hits taken by a receding hairline or loss in density, its the fact the loss WONT STOP and there seems nothing to indicate it will.

    I rather be a nw 2.75 thats loss is halted than a nw1.5 that is losing and unsure what the future holds
    I thought about this for a while, but I'd rather have more hair to buzz off completely than have less hair to buzz off completely.

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    Default 8.5 months still not working

    8,5 months still not working, hairline same but still thinning! Side effect is getting less that is the only really good thing I can say! But due my thinning I really starting to consider a hair transplant think that the only effective to combat baldness!

    Note: unless I would see some real results, then i stick to fin

    What you guys think about hair transplant vs propecia

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