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    Default scar revision after two procedures


    I have two long wide scars ( smiley faces ! ) on the back of my head after two badly done procedures. Can they be revised at all - is this possible ?

    I have major hair loss and just a few strands on top of my head after the two procedures so its looks odd that I cannot shave the back and sides shorter than a 6 shave - if I do the scars show. Any ideas anyone ? many thanks

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    Theres a good chance they can be revised,maybe have some fue also placed in there but we`d need to see some pctures before truly giving our opinions and i`m sure some doctors will advise you accordingly once they see what your scars look like.


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    Hi Brian_w,

    Sorry to hear of your situ.

    All depends where your scars are positioned on your scalp. Chances are if it was inappropriate surgery then the scars are in inappropriate positions. Scars can easily stretch back when revisions are attempted -it all depends on the actual position, size, laxity etc. FUE'ing into the scars could be the better option in order for you to help disguise them and enable you to cut the hair around the scars lower.

    I would highly recommend you see a recommended physician on this site in order for them to offer their hands on advice in person.

    Best regards

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    How long has it been since your last procedure? There are a few options if you choose to try a scar revision. Use stretching exercises before the procedure. Have it done by a doctor who uses a two layer closure technique. Myself, along with a few other physicians are using PRP that may improve healing and reduce scarring. You should know that anytime a scar revision is performed there is a possibility that the results may show little or no improvement. There is also the option of trying to do FUE and place follicular units into the scar. I have seen cases where there was some improvement, but do not know if it would be enough for you to shave your head.
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