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    Quote Originally Posted by fred970 View Post
    Shaved head of course, that's what they think about when they say they find bald men sexy. But this is different from a NW4+ who shaves because he has to.
    Right on.

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    This isn't a very good study... It doesn't list what qualities were used to describe feminine vs. masculine men. It also mentions nothing about hair loss. Are men with a full head of hair more feminine than balding men? If so, how?

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    Just because women prefer a man who has good hygiene or doesn't behave like a barbarian, does not make her a lesbian. But again, this study doesn't even say what qualities make men fall into the feminine vs. masculine categories.

    Another study you may be interested in is one that titled "Are bald men more virile than their well thatched contemporaries". According to this study conducted by Burton et al of 48 men ages 35–64 years, surrogate markers of “masculinity” such as hair
    density on the trunk and limbs, serum testosterone levels, sebum secretion rate, sweat secretion rate, skin thickness, muscle thickness and bone thickness had no correlation to baldness. According to the population studied, bald men did not prove any more virile than men with a full head of hair. So I ask you, how does being bald make you more masculine? How is the article about women preferring feminine men relevant to hair loss?

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    Yea its not a very well written article...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike K View Post
    Yea its not a very well written article...
    Women look at the whole package. I commonly hear of women being totally turned off by men that have everything going for them, including the negatives like arrogance, conceit, selfishness, and insensitivity. The media seems to want men to take the sensitivity thing to ridiculous levels, just to keep that one in perspective. To sum it up women generally hate arrogant self-centered men.

    It's important to women how men carry themselves. Self confidence and a positive attitude are paramount. Women hate pitiful-me whiners.

    There is power in the image men project. Famous actors run into this a lot. People think the villain on TV or film is probably a bad guy in real life, or Patrick Stewart and William Shatner know how to fly the space shuttle. It has often been reported that Curly of the Three Stooges developed a poor self image as a result of his Stooge persona as a heavyset cueball-crowned clown. I believe I once read that women had a hard time taking him seriously.

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