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    Lol so you're saying possibly rock a comb over at some point? Lol na ill pass.. about three years I started using rogaine and thought about using fin. I was at a nw3. I used rogaine for a little over a year and it did shit. The whole time using it I was obsessed about my hair. Once I realized it wasn't working, I was pretty depressed. Hell I'm still depressed at losing my hair( I'm sure many of us here are). I buzzed my head at a number 2 during that time and now I lol down to a 1. I was so concerned what people thought, but at some point over the past year I just stopped caring.. there really is nothing we can do.. Just shave it or buzz it close.. People will notice and look the other way and then of course some people are assholes and will make a remark.. But that's just them trying to feel better about themselves. just buzz it really short and move on. you'll thank yourself for keeping it close and feel way more free than having to constantly obsess and worry about if your styling came undone. Just buzz it and rock that don't care attitude
    Different strokes for different folks. If that solution works best for you, great. I'm just saying people should feel they have the freedom to do whatever they want with their hair, whether it's growing it out or cutting it off.

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