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    Default A freakin CURE!!

    I have been struggling with a receding hair line for years... have met several HT patients over the years...strip and FUE... and have never pulled the trigger because something about it is detectable to me.

    That said, I have been on these boards reading that there might be a cure in the next 10 years and that was back in 2005. So when and the **** is there gonna be a cure?? We have had Aderans, Histogen, and replicel to name a few that is working to find a cure.... what a drawn out process with limited information it has been! I, like others are extremely upset by this and it;s time for the rubber to meet the road here.

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    A shiny bald head is even more detectable.

    We don't really need a full-blown cure. Just little regeneration to improve FUE megasessions and scalp micro-pigmentation. We're almost there in my opinion.

    Do we even have a "cure" for any ailment? Even a thing as trivial as acne still hasn't been cured. We need better treatments, better surgery techniques. A cure without side-effects at all will not happen.

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