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    The buzz cut looks good on you man, if you like that style do it. However, it may not look nearly as good when you've lost a couple norwoods so you might want to start trying out some treatments. I don't see why not start at 18 personally.

    As far as why doesn't everyone just rock a Jason Statham buzz cut - I've had this hair my whole life until recently and I aim to keep it! It's MY hair and I want it! Besides, have you ever seen the movie Revolver? Jason Statham has hair in it and he looks way better with that hair than he does now in my opinion. I would so rock long hair like that if I hadn't started losing my hair.

    Whoops just saw the date on this and realized it had been bumped. Sorry about that.
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    i started propecia at 17 ..

    no major sides to worry about .. i thought about it and i'd rather keep what's left than the be slick bald by the time i'm 20

    (i'm 23 now, i still have hair on top of my head although it is thin, it would have been completely gone i'm sure if i wasn't on propecia)

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