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    You are an advanced NW3. So am I, but Im almost 40 and trust me, you will still care about being bald when you are 40. I didn't even lose any noticeable amount of hair until I was over 30 and finally decided to try fin, nizoral and rogaine now. You will be bald in a few years at the rate you are going. i would see how you tolerate .5 mg fin a day and put off the transplant until you see how that works.

    You know I obviously prefer having hair which is why Im on here and doing the Big 3, but I've buzzed or shaved my head a lot since I was a teenager and it always looks good. And even recently, Ive never felt my Friends with full heads of hair even had much of an advantage over me. If you are male model material then you certainly would look good with a buzzed or shaved head. You will look younger as well. If I were you, I would be more concerned about being 145 lbs at your height than losing hair. Shave head, put on 50lbs muscle and then steal your buddies girlfriends lol.

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    I Have also struggled with hair loss at a young age, and have tried almost every trick in the book. If anyone can also give me some advice on how to get through this let me know. Some days are harder than most. Today surprisingly is not so bad but when I read these posts of people like me who are also struggling it makes me want you all to know that this is an issue we are all dealing with and I do appreciate everyone positive thoughts and the ability to talk about hair loss.

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    What you or others perceive your norwood to be is largely irrelevant. I honestly think you'd be better shaving it off.

    -You will not take finasteride to stabilize your hair loss.

    -People with HT knowledge have said you'll need more grafts than you assume. You don't seem to take their advice seriously.

    -Finasteride should be taken for at least a year if you're considering a hair transplant. Once again, you said you will not do this.

    "don't think I'd consier a HT after I'm 30+. Having no hair wouldn't matter to me by that point. No offense to those 30+ considering a HT. All the people around me would already know me for having no hair and suddenly having hair would be obvious of a HT and what's the point?"

    -Unfortunately for the majority of people your hair loss concerns don't just magically go away at a predetermined age. I'm not 30 yet, but I can understand how someone in their early 20s could think that way. Not sure what answer you're looking for though. If you plan on living in the same town for a long time and don't want people to notice you had a hair transplant and you don't want to take finasteride your choices are basically to shave it off.

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    Weird how i got over my hairloss it was so sudden...when i was 18 one min i was worrying always fixing my hair in what ever reflection i could find etc...then next thing i know i saw my reflection and thought on the lines of "omg what am i doing i look stupid i need to cut my hair" it cut the next day and havent looked back since hair has gotten shorter and shorter since (obviously) now 22 couldnt be advice i would just shave it but then again i didnt care for hair when i had it...end off the day you got to do what YOU feels right...good look guys.

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