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    Fred, I am sorry that you experienced relationships that didn't work out with women on the rebound. You are so, so right about society. Women experience that pressure to look good too (perfect butt, boobs, skin, etc.) And forget about middle-aged women. Botox, facelifts, peels, butt lifts, etc. are what we're expected to have (my opinion). I wish I could be happy in my own skin, like other women I know who are overweight, have spider veins, pouchy abs, etc. and plenty of money to have all the cosmetic surgery they want but don't. I keep myself in excellent shape, but still this hair loss consumes my thoughts almost 24/7. I just can't get past it, and I don't think it's any worse for me than it is for you guys who are young and down because of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellouser View Post
    Try being in your twenties and the only balding guy in your social group... then we'll see how accepting people around you are of your baldness.
    I started losing my hair when I was 16. It wasn't until I was around 25 that it was noticeable. I've lived through it, condescending remarks and all, at a time when shaved heads were considered odd and not socially acceptable.

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    I'm not sure why people bother responding to this guy anymore. He's clearly a miserable person with mental health issues doing his best to make other people in this community feel bad about themselves too.

    At the end of the day, arguing with a stranger over the internet is an exercise in futility. The original poster isn't going to change anyone's opinion on anything no matter how hard he tries and I bet the same is true vice versa.

    And really why should you? Go out and be happy with YOUR life. I never understood the people who spend countless hours on here bitching and bitching about their plight. I guess it can be some sort of therapy but after a while move on and stop living on a freaking message board.

    If hairloss bothers you then do something about it. We have fin, dut, minox, laser therapy, hair transplants, concealers, prp, etc See what works and what doesn't and stick with it. Constantly complaining to internet strangers isn't going to change anything except make the people like me who come here for information annoyed.

    Good grief.

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