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    Never heard of something to reverse gray hair other than hair dye...no way I know of unfortunately about reversing it either

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    I use HeSHouWu, a chinese herb rich in zinc. Hasn't done anything for my grey sideburns but has made my eyebrows black and as bushy as that guy in BB.

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    Yeah like said above: Grey hair is purely genes.

    You can, of course, color it / dye it! But just beware of harmful chemical that can cause your hair to "thin-out".

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    I love my grey hair, I wish I had more of it, I like it in my beard too. I have a friend I've known since high school who was born on exactly the same day as me, he started going grey in his teens, and he looks badass now, with a full head of hair that's completely grey. Going grey when you're young looks good on a guy.

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    Want to add .Every two weeks my mother use Clairol Soy from Sally's along with the Soy peroxide. She can either purchase cream and apply with a brush or liquid and apply with a bottle. Sally's should be able to to help find her shade ind it look amazing like this honey color http://newaylook.com/best-honey-blonde-hair-ideas/ .She is a 7N and it matches great. She only do the roots and make sure she don't push it up further than the gray area and rarely pull it through her ends, maybe every three months on the ends for 5 minutes. She do the front part of her head and I does the back. It sure beats paying to get it done every two weeks

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