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    Default treatment options

    for a very early stage of MPB (only temple recession) using ketcanezol shampoo and trying to avoid oral finasteride .
    what are my possible options ???
    what about topical finasteride is it effective and where can it be found ?
    how much does oral finasteride cost per pill and is it possible to buy it online????

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    I'm new and planning on starting minoxidil. Have you tried that ?Any good as if not I would rather not waste my money. Any help would be great. Hair loss is in my crown area and i'm 22 years old and pretty down about it all. Any help ?

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    Some people are great responders to minoxidil alone so I would give it a try. It is also cheap. You can get a 3 month supply for less than $20 bucks.

    I respect your decision against taking fin. I would just recommend that you get the facts about fin before making your final decision. Message boards aren't always the best place for unbiased information.

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