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    Default Progress 2 months with rogaine (accepting questions)

    Hey guys. So here's my story. I'll make I short and sweet so you don't have to sit here for 10 min.
    I am 17 years of age, and I am NW2. I started receding at 15. I think I got the genetics from my dad, he's bald but it didn't start till he was 35-40. I don't know what happened to me.
    I have recession in my temples probably almost an inch back. The right side is worse than the left.
    Anyways, I started rogaine on September 1, and it is November 3. So far, I have little white hairs in the temple, and it seems it is forming somewhat. I feel that it is working and my twin brother (in which he isn't loosing his hair) says it's coming in fairly well.

    For those of you who fear "the dread shed", it DOES happen. However, it's worse for others. I had it really bad, not to scare you all, but it's true. I was losing so much hair, and to be specific, about 10-15 just when I ran my hand through my hair. It was a long 3 WEEKS for me. I feared I was going to lose it all, but I was patient.
    At this time, I feel my hair will be great when it is all finished, but I will have to continue to use it of course.
    Also, I don't know of this is just me, but I feel when I work out, my hair looks thicker. Probably the good ol' placebo effect working in. Haha

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