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    Default H&W/NuYuInk Hair Thickening Procedure

    So last week was the 2013 ISHRS Conference in San Francisco. I went to help present some surgical patients for Dr. Wong but I also spent a lot of time in the booth set up by Beauty Medical. Before the show I had our tricopigmentation tech, Carmen, fill in HALF of my crown so that all attendees could see a side by side comparison of what SMP can do for a thickening effect.

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    Half the crown...! you are a brave man Joe! it looks nice all done!

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    how does this look in person?

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    Great Results! Looks really impressive, Joe.

    So I've heard a lot about temporary SMP looking really good at a slick-bald, shave-down-to 0 level. But what about a diffuse thinner at a 1 guard? My plan is to get a hair transplant, re-build the hairline, fill in the hair-less temples with a very low density, and use SMP as needed. From there, I'd continue to get very low-density transplants and temporary SMP as needed.

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    joe do you have any other pics of patients that used smp for hair thickening? I'd be interested to see what it would look like if you had your hair shorter. When will HW start putting pictures on their website?

    thanks, FTL

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