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    This is a prime example of when a hair transplant is over. This patient has fine hair and he had multiple strips in the past. The goal was to give him more hair without compromising his donor area. We accomplished this by pushing his cross-sectional trichometry (CST) or (hair check numbers up in the front, top, and crown (locations 9, 14, 24). Because he had prior strips, his numbers are way low in the donor area in the 30s. Strips kill hair due to traction alopecia. He is also low because he has fine hair. The beauty of FUE is we are able to move hair from isolated thicker areas without compromising the donor area.

    Hair Check is a measure of both density and diameter. This is the single most important test any physician can do to assess results in the recipient area and the donor area. Nevertheless, few physicians perform this test due to time and cost.

    What we can tell is that the front, top, and crown all have the same value. We canít add more hair to the recipient area without compromising the donor area at this point. The transplant is over unless the patient desires to treat his thinning with beard hair. We donít have his pre-surgery and pre-loss numbers because the test is not that old. His first procedure was in the mid-1990s. However, due to his fine hair, he probably started in his low 60s. The average is 70. The most ideal hair transplant candidates start with CST numbers of 90 or better.
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    I am a teacher at edu project, the work is rather nervous. As a result, he turned gray early and subsequently bald. I did a hair transplant in Turkey, I am very satisfied.

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