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    Default Post-Op Hair Transplant Questions (for IAHRS Docs)


    I recently had my 2nd HT (3,000 grafts, with 1,000 to the hairline/front and 2,000 to the crown). I'm excited for the results to come.

    I was wondering if any of the good IAHRS docs could please help me with my questions below.

    Today (Sept 7, 2009) is exactly 10 days post-op for me. How many days post-op do I need to wait before I can get back to my regular hair routine?

    This includes washing with shampoo and running my fingers thru my hair including the grafted areas, using my regular mousses including on the grafted areas, and running a brush thru my grafted area.

    I ask this because my hair is fussy, and in order to style it with some level of acceptability, I have to be able to do all of these things. But I do NOT want to risk any damage to the grafts. Are the grafts now completely anchored such that I can do no damage?

    Thanks for any time!


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    I'm not a doctor, but here is a good link to read referencing graft anchoring safety...

    As for my own regimen, I wouldn't wash my hair normally until at least two weeks post op. Before that time period, I would be mixing in baby shampoo in a cup of water and let it run through your hair and grafts. Be gentle!

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    Once the scabs have fallen off there is not much you can do to harm the grafts. At 10 days post op you should be able to return to your normal routine of hair styling. I do not recommend blow drying with high heat or getting any significant sun exposure at least until the skin in the transplanted area has returned to its normal color. All the grafts should be well anchored at this time.
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