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    Yes from smoking also hair loss causes, so you had taken an right decision of not smoking.

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    Does anyone actually have any proof that smoking contributes to male pattern baldness, or is this the typical conjecture?

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    With Koreaan People; "drinking and smoking were associated with the severity of AGA in male patients". Make sense but dont explain the special pattern of hairloss....

    Clin Exp Dermatol. 2014 Jan;39(1):25-9. doi: 10.1111/ced.12229.
    An epidemiological study of androgenic alopecia in 3114 Korean patients.
    Yeo IK1, Jang WS, Min PK, Cho HR, Cho SW, Hong NS, Kang JS, Ki DH, Kim HJ, Kim YC, Kim YS, Lee IJ, Lee SW, Lim ES, Moon DC, Nam KH, Oho CK, Park SW, Shin KS, Yoo HC, Hong CK.
    Author information
    Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is the most common type of hair loss, and is characterized by the transformation of terminal scalp hair into vellus hair. The epidemiology of AGA is not fully understood. A strong genetic basis has long been identified, although little is known of its nongenetic causes.
    To evaluate the association of AGA with a number of environmental factors, including smoking, drinking and sleeping habit.
    In total, 3114 Korean individuals with AGA who attended any one of 17 dermatology clinics in 6 cities in South Korea between March 2011 and February 2012 were enrolled in the study. Epidemiologic a data were collected using a standard questionnaire.
    No association was seen between eating or sleeping habits and severity of hair loss. However, drinking and smoking were associated with the severity of AGA in male patients. We also found that patients of both genders with a family history had more advanced types of hair loss, and the age of onset of AGA in male patients with a family history was earlier than that in male patients without a family history.
    Although the evidence for an environmental influence on AGA remains very weak, we did find an association between hair loss severity and certain environmental factors, such as smoking and drinking. Family history with more severe hair loss and an earlier age of onset.
    © 2013 British Association of Dermatologists.

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    Clandestine, Good job. Continue not to smoke cigarette. It causes health problems and can lead to cancer, hair loss and hypertension.

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    You are on the right way! Smoking has no direct impact on hair follicles, but it affects your health in general. For example smoking can have a negative effect on your endocrine system, and as we know thyroid problems are one of the hair loss causes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    Does anyone actually have any proof that smoking contributes to male pattern baldness, or is this the typical conjecture?
    Sharon Keene MD in Arizona posted a series of epigenetic identical twin studies in a hair transplant trade publication. She stated in her studies that cigarette smoking negatively impacts hair growth. The two possible reasons are that nicotine constricts blood vessels and cigarette smoke increases testosterone levels. I asked her in an email about whether in her opinion higher testosterone levels equal increased levels of DHT. She said that although there are no studies that specifically indicate that, she believes that raised testosterone levels do contribute to an increase in DHT.

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    Recently a study found that people living in highly polluted areas experience a greater rate of hair loss. This is likely to do with the same reasons as smoking Ė so the impact of polluting the lungs with chemicals and smoke is measurable in terms of hair loss.

    You should try to quit as it will benefit your health greatly, especially your long term health. But donít expect your hair to grow back when you quit. Youíll need to do more than that. For example, youíll need to re-activate your dormant hair follicles if you have already experienced some hair loss.

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