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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisM View Post
    Agreed and even more so the following a hair transplant people who have been successful have seen hair loss start over again. You know why ? The active biochemistry causing baldness clicked on by the genetic triggers in your chromosomes to activate after a certain age/ diet/ stress etcetera is still ongoing so you get a FUE or whatever. You spent thousands of dollars to reset the clock another 10 or 15 years max and then return to being bald unless you are taking Minoxidil, Finasteride, Dutasteride something internal to block the process utterly and reset it closing off the detrimental effect then you will always suffer from MPB. MPB is an internal hormonal irregularity that impacts men and women who hairlines androgen receptors are programmed with sensitivity given the commands to fallout and miniaturize and fall back. Taking nothing internally out of fear while having none of the side effects whatsoever or fear of what it might do to you sexually is unwarranted and it is that reluctance that will cause more time to pass while more of your hair falls out and the Norwood scale advances on you.
    I didn't know things like stress and diet could "trigger" MPB. I thought that was predetermined. If you were going to start losing hair at 20, I thought that you were going to start losing it at 20 no matter what.

    On a side note, how has Finasteride helped you fight balding?

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    Diet and stress have no influence on MPB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred970 View Post
    Diet and stress have no influence on MPB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigThinker View Post
    I think regretting never at least trying fin/dut would be insufferable, as time goes on at the Norwood scale climbs. To each their own, of course.

    I haven't even seen profound results and I'm still elated that I'm already 8 months dedicated (barring a 1 week break) and going strong. Instead of fretting the prospect of sides, I did my best to find resolve in taking action.

    Will it pay off in the end? We'll see. Can't not fight though.
    A 100&#37; chance of going bald is literally worse than every other option. Doing something is always better

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    Quote Originally Posted by 25 going on 65 View Post
    A 100% chance of going bald is literally worse than every other option. Doing something is always better
    Doing something is what puts my mind at ease.

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    Just a theory. bubble slides

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