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    Default What can 1000 grafts do for a Norwood 6??

    Or does it not make sense to go for a transplant unless I can get at least 3k grafts????

    Also, I dont take fin...

    Also, just how important is the frontal 3rd of the scalp?????????????(for HT purposes, Im guessing its to frame the face)

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    If you are a norwood class 6 you should first meet with a reputable hair transplant surgeon and explain to him what you are looking for as far as expectations and make sure that your expectations can be met. 1000 grafts for a Norwood class 6 is not going to acomplish much. You are going to need to have as many grafts as that surgeon feels comfortable in doing in a procedure with you, which hopefully is 3000 plus grafts. 3000 grafts will allow him to at least rebuild your frontal 1/3 of the scalp and this will frame your face and make you look younger.
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    1000 follicular unit grafts could only make an impact on a small area. If you are truly a stage 6 then you may want to wait until you can do more in the first procedure unless you are only grafting a small frontal forelock.
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