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    Hi. I was a 51 yr old Norwood 6 that buzzed my hair for 10+ yrs. Started balding in early 20's and was at Norwood 5 by age 30 (basically no hair in front 1/3).
    Had a 2000 graft FUE covering the front to mid area 2 years ago. Coverage was at ~20 FU/cm2. It did its job of framing my face, but looked "off" bc there was too much bald area to the top of my head. I had the second HT 10 month later of 2000 graft FUE again at ~20 FU/cm2 up to top of head. There were some extras (~200 FU) that I had the Dr implant to the front were it was the lightest densities.
    Result is a framed face, but "see through" density at the front and top. the crown still has a bald circular spot of ~64 cm2.
    This looks OK and way better than being completely bald. If I use Dermatch and sprinkle on a little Toppix it actually looks like I have pretty decent hair, very age appropriate. But it is kind of a pain in the ass having to do this all the time.
    I will have a third HT and have been told I have ~2000 grafts in my donor area. I plan on adding 10 FU/cm2 to the front up and the top to give a density of 30 FU/cm2. This is ~150 cm2 so it will need 1500 FU's. I'm "on the fence" about using the other 500FU in the crown at ~10 FU/cm2 or just using them in the front for higher density up front. I think putting them in the bald spot will help with holding the concealer and Toppix for when I want to use them to fool people into thinking I have more hair than I do.
    I will post pics so Norwood 6's can know what to expect for results. Like a previous poster said, you need 8000 for a decent result. I only have 6000 on my head so I'm going to be lighter density or have the bald spot on my crown. Or use beard or body hair, which is $'s I may not want to spend.
    FYI: Cost was ~$7500 per HT, so $15k so far, soon to be $21.5k.
    Great, I look forward to seeing the pics! Thanks for sharing.

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