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    Quote Originally Posted by verver View Post
    Im not talking about you specificaly brah
    Most of the guys who complain here non stop have à normal/good Life, no other health problems etc but make it as its the end of their life this is what bother me bro
    There are a TON of people who Come here with the Right mindset and leave with depression coz they tell to themself " damn if this mr.iHaveBetterLifeThanmost John is depressed about his NW0 i should too" and suddently they Will make it à big deal too
    This forum bcoz of certain members have a negative influence on the weakest
    Ofcourse having mpb is shitty and i wish this condition never existed but it exist and we cant do nothing but take fina minox implants until a better treatment is available
    I have nothing about you bro trust me
    I commend your attitude and wish you the best but for some its not that simple.
    To watch yourself degrade from a really good looking guy to "bleck" is horrible. To watch this as ALL your freinds and siblings still have their hair is worse. Why are you the one with the bad genes. You took great care of yourself, always ate healthy, hit the gym 3+ days a week, never smoked or excessivly drank like all of them. Everyone else can abuse themselves but not you.

    God if ONE of my freinds or my brother dealth with this it would be easy but listening to them all say "dude its just hair" means nothing. Like listening to my old singer and guistar player say "cmon the bass is cool to"

    If you dont have to deal with it then its easy to say its nothing.
    Some guys can take fin with zero sides, not me. Others can use minox with success, not me. Some can afford to get HT, but great someone like me who has no kids, works his ASS off and owns 2 houses, cant because my great state of CT just rapes me in taxes to support all the non working low lives.

    Seriously a HT for somone who has tried all the other legimate meds without success should be able to use his health insurance to supplement some costs if its clinically causing him/her depression. We pay in, never take out but when something is needed insurance and our gov says go screw.

    Dude if you can live with it great, I cant. Its killing me. Driving me insance, affecting my job, my home life, my relationships, my social life, etc. A therapist wont help, Ive tried. My anxiety meds do little anymore because they dont hit the root of the problem. The real problem is a slow decline into hermithood because you have zero desire to be seen in public. Amazing health insurance will pay for therapy, and depression meds, but not just invest 20-50% to solve the real problem. Fat people can go get lap band and staples to feel better. Alchoholics and drug addicts can go get rehab, basically our system promotes, hey go take horrid care of yourself its okay, well fix you, but dont get anything genetic or we will drop you like a ton of bricks.

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    +1 real talk ^

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    Struggling today-- but then I stopped, took my hat off and realized that my wife loves me, my kids, and so do friends and family. They also all know I am losing my hair but at this point in my life I am slowly realizing who really matters. No hat Tuesday!! embrace it but still look for solutions-- you will feel a lot better about your day to day life. It helps if you take a moment to just accept it and who you are.


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