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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisGayLife View Post
    How do you guys who are balding in mid-late teens deal with this shit.
    I started losing my hair in my teens also, but I was not given the opportunity to do something about it. Guess what, that was in the 80's. No medication, nothing at all, just accept it and move on. Thankfully I was lucky to keep a very young looking appearance even now that I am middle-aged. I was surprised how many times I heard it this year.

    At least you have today some options to fight it back. Not perfect of course, but you are not completely unarmed like we were back in my time. Just don't give up. And if one day you get tired of all this, you can just buzz your hair down and live your life. If you make clear to the others that you don't care about it, your life can become more easy.

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    Hi ThisGayLife ,
    I was lucky in that, although my hair loss began in my late 20s, it wasn't so prominent that I suffered. There was a time in my mid 30s that I had ALLOWED my hair thinning to affect me.
    I believe it was because my own sister made a remark during a party at my home about my crown area thinning/losing hair with many friends and relatives listening.
    That really disturbed me but I later got a hold of myself and carried on with my LIFE.
    I had accepted my receding hairline and thinning scalp because I had no choice. At least back then i could not see a shinning crown and although my hairline was receding slowly , my face was still framed well enough.
    My damned hairloss became prominent enough around 2004...thats when I started to really SUFFER from it!
    To this day, I must wear something on my head in order to be somewhat comfortable in public,,and at home too.
    Im 54 now,,at least with you young men (and women) once a decent treatment is available you will have a lot more years on this earth to enjoy it-more than I,,LOL.
    ThisGayLife and the rest of you, please listen to and believe the advice that Spencer Kobren has been giving on his live show.
    He speaks truth and Logic. You MUST enjoy life now! Don't wait for it.

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