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    Heh. I feel exactly the same about this. The only thing I want to do is start a treatment, really. But I can't start fin yet because of my age. Some of you might know I was all enthusiastic and stuff about starting RU... Well, I guess that was just the excitement of the moment because I'm not taking RU anyday soon the way it is now.

    I don't know what's worse: Seeing my hairline recede pretty rapidly and feeling my crown getting thinner and thinner or not being able to treat it because I'm too young. (Yes I can start minox but that won't do anything to actually 'treat' MPB as you all know). I'm probably seeing a 2nd dermatologist soon. I'm hoping he'll prescribe me fin because I can't take this anymore. I'm starting to get really paranoid. I've even had two anxiety attacks last week while I never had those before (for those wondering, I'm visiting a psychologist soon to get some real help.)

    I just don't want to wait to my 18th ffs. You know what's funny? I think the guys who start balding in their 40's are envy the guys who have full heads of hair at the same age, the guys who are mid 30's envy the 40's, the guys in their mid 20's envy the mid 30's and the guys in their late teens envy the mid 20's... I know this sounds weird and I also know that the last thing you guys want to do is to relativate, but if you think like this it's not even that bad to start going bald at -lets say- 27. I would take your spot any day: I would have 10 years of enjoying my full head of hair and by the time I'm starting to recede, there are probably better medications out there (there HAS to be something better in 2024 right?)

    I know a lot of people would think I'm a psycho b/c I want to start fin at this age, but I think that some of the guys in this thread understand the feelings I have that make me wanna do this.

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